Owen Hughes, Principal Solicitor

Owen Hughes is our most experienced solicitor and Principal Solicitor of the firm.

Mr Hughes was previously a legal officer with the former Department of Planning with  responsibilities for the carriage of complex litigation, legislative drafting and advising.

In a number of cases, the former Minister for Planning intervened in court proceedings in the Land & Environment Court.  Mr Hughes had the carriage of those matters, including a five-week case concerning the mini-steel mill at Rooty Hill and an important case on Section 94 contributions.

Mr Hughes also delivered papers to industry on environmental law issues.

Mr Hughes has over 25 years experience. 

Since settling into life on the Far North Coast and taking over Beesley & Hughes 11 years ago he takes on all varieties of legal matters.  Primarily he enjoys commercial advisings in property, litigation and general matters but also takes on family law and criminal law matters.

The Principal has undertaken the following community roles: 

  • President of the Bangalow Chamber of Commerce in 2003
  • Member of Bangalow Lions 2000-2009
  • Sponsorship of local events such as Christmas Eve Carnival and Billycart Derby
  • Board member of the Buttery for two years
  • Other community work
  • Member of a climate action group and letters to parliamentary on environmental, social and economic issues
  • A link is provided here to the Principal’s blog as to improvements in public policy.   We offer legal policy advice to the white paper stage.